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Syria Consultant

Employment Type:Other
Department:International Programs
Description:Lutheran World Relief (LWR) is a US-based 501c (3) organization founded in 1945 initially to respond to the needs of communities in Europe devastated by World War II. Since then, it has evolved into a relief and development agency that works globally to end poverty, injustice and human suffering by improving livelihoods for vulnerable populations in developing countries. One of LWR's program sectors is emergency operations. LWR currently operates emergency response programs in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

LWR is seeking a consultant to conduct a strategic landscape analysis of INGOs' operational and funding context in the Arab Republic of Syria. The assignment will last for approximately 10 weeks during February and March 2017 and will include information collection, situation analysis, field work, program designing, and research on setting up an office.



1. Programmatic Functions:

  • Conducting an extensive literature review of all relevant studies, reports and surveys related to humanitarian assistance and livelihood recovery activities in Syria.
  • Assess the population movement in the conflict areas and analyze the trends of people's movement within the country.
  • Prepare a map that shows which INGOs are working in which geographic area and their program sectors.
  • Analyze the overall humanitarian situation and identify the program gaps.
  • Discuss the humanitarian situation trend for next six to twelve months based on the current conflict and situation.
  • Identify geographic areas which are underserved, and which are accessible and which are not.
  • Discuss the funding opportunities available within the country or in the region to support Syrian IDPs and refugees. This include a review of donors/sources, level of funding, and their priorities in terms of programs and geographic focus areas.

2. Proposal Development:

  • Review the USAID call for proposal to understand the overall program focus.
  • Identify the geographic area, in coordination with other organizations, to implement the proposed program.
  • Identify the local partners to be part of the proposal and implement the specific program components.
  • Conduct a rapid assessment of the selected geographic area to collect info, analyze the info and prepare an assessment report,
  • Contribute in proposal design and writing to the NBD team.

3. Administrative Functions:

  • Identify three law firms or an office that is commonly used by international organizations and work with it to complete the LWR registration in the country.
  • Assist in recruitment of country director including advertising the position, collecting CVs and participating in the interview process.
  • Discuss a general operating environment in Damascus and in other major cities for an organization like LWR.
  • Prepare a security situation report with recommendations, in consideration that the security situation is rapidly changing in the country. 

4. Coordination and Representation:

  • Establish relationship with key players and important organizations in the country.
  • Represent LWR and promote its visibility in the country.

5. Deliverables:

  • Workplan to be reviewed and approved by LWR
  • Rapid Assessment tools and plan
  • Assessment Report
  • Situation Analysis Report
  • Contribution in proposal design and writing as well as cost proposal information
  • Identification of 3-5 local NGO partners that align with LWR programming
  • LWR Registration in the country
  • LWR office established
  • LWR Country Director is hired
  • Assignment Final Report

  • Masters level of education in social science, economics or international development
  • 7-10 years of experience in conducting situation analysis, conducting assessment, program design, proposal writing and setting up a country office
  • Experience working in security challenged countries, where the security situation is fluid with potential risks.
  • A thorough understanding of the historical context of the Syrian Crisis and current situation. Previous experience of working in Syria is essential for this assignment.
  • Arabic and English Proficiency.
  • Demonstrated experience in conducting rapid assessments and proposal development experience.
  • Strategical thinking and analytical Skills are highly required for this assignment
  • Negotiation and Partnering Experience.
  • All applications must be submitted electronically to 31 January 2017 along with Resume or Curriculum Vitae, 3-5 pages writing sample and three references. The subject line should be "Syria Consultant". 

General Conditions

  • No contract may commence unless the contract is signed by both parties.
  • The consultant is not entitled to payment of overtime. All remuneration must be within the contract agreement.
  • Accommodation costs will be reimbursed by LWR in submission of original receipts/invoices. The consultant will be responsible for meals and incidental expenses from his/her daily rate.
  • The consultant should provide a detailed breakdown of costs for conducting the rapid assessment, which requires LWR prior approval.
  • Final payment to the consultant will be dependent on the completion of deliverables and satisfactory performance.
  • All outputs under this assignment shall be the sole property of LWR. The Consultant shall not exercise any rights on all the outputs and strictly prohibited to share the same with any outsiders.
  • The overall supervisor of this assignment will be the Senior Regional Director for Asia and Middle East or his assignee from the core regional staff based in HQ or Jordan office.
  • Time for completing the assignment and submission of deliverables is within 10 weeks of signing of the contract agreement expected to be starting from February 01, 2017. The consultant will provide a work plan detailing all activities from initiation to the submission of final deliverables.


Again, please do not apply using this online application system. Application materials should be sent to HR@LWR.ORG . The subject line of the email should be "Syria Consultant" 

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