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Terms of Reference: Latin American Corporate Donor Identification & Marketing Consultancy

Location:Baltimore, MD
Employment Type:Full Time
Description:I. Background
Lutheran World Relief (LWR) is a US-based 501c(3) organization founded in 1945 to respond to the needs of communities in Europe devastated by World War II. In January 2019, LWR announced its merger with IMA World Health, an organization that LWR helped to found in 1960 . Together LWR & IMA focus on rural economic development, humanitarian response, and strengthening of health systems. LWR & IMA currently operate in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

LWR has worked for more than four decades in Latin America and currently operates programs in Peru, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Ecuador, and Nicaragua. LWR takes a systems approach to its rural development programing, focusing on market, social and environment systems and integrating gender, youth, resilience, enterprise-based development, and the use of technology for development. In Latin America, LWR collaborates with a diverse set of partners including national NGOs, farmers' organizations, research institutions, development agencies, government ministries and private sector entities.

II. Purpose and Content of the Analysis

LWR is seeking a consultant for the following:

1) Corporate donor identification: Mapping of private sector donors (via corporate foundations, corporate giving programs, CSR, etc) that meet the following criteria:
1. Are located in or have significant operations in at least one of the countries in the region where LWR currently operates
2. Donor partnership priorities align with LWR and IMA's areas of focus and needs
3. Willingness to fund an international NGO &/or to consider new partnerships (as demonstrated by past funding and/or via interviews)
4. Meet LWR's due diligence guidelines

The donor landscape report should contain detailed information, including names and contact information for key contacts where possible; levels of funding (comparison over last 3 years and projection for next 1-2 years); most preferred model of support/partnership (i.e., cash grant vs. in-kind or employee volunteerism); sectoral areas of focus; geographic focus; current funding recipients; major initiatives, etc.

2) Prioritization of corporate donors for the LAC team to focus on: Based on a presentation of the initial donor identification research to Senior Regional Director for Latin America, Deputy Regional Director for Quality & Growth, and VP of Business Development & facilitate a selection process to prioritize 5-10 key corporate donors for the LAC team.

3) Corporate Donor Positioning & Marketing Plan: Present a corporate engagement plan to position for Latin American corporate donor funding in the region, focusing on the 5-10 prioritized corporate donors. The plan should include recommendations for the best approach to reaching the prioritized corporate donors, materials that need to be generated, and key language that should be used. The consultant will also be expected to facilitate initial contacts with the prioritized donors.

Expected Methods
The consultant should recommend the specific methodologies for this study. LWR expects that the study will be based on wide review of secondary sources and key informant interviews (in person or via Skype). The consultant will be expected to interview several key LWR & IMA staff and corporate donor contacts.

Consultancy Duration: Up to 30 days

Start/End dates: Anticipated start August 1, 2019 (all work must be completed by September 30, 2019)





1. Donor Identification & Prioritization
2. Positioning & Marketing Plan
3. Presentation of report and marketing plan to Senior Management for the LAC region; VP of Business Development & Senior Manager for Foundations & Corporate Relations Leadership Team and
4. Execution of introductory meetings to key corporate donors in the region

The requirements for the person carrying out the assignment include:

• At least 8-10 years of experience working in International Development field
• Demonstrated knowledge of and experience in Latin America
• Well-established connections with corporate donor community
• Proven experience in donor landscape analysis
• Fluency (speaking, reading, and writing) in Spanish + high level of English
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Immediate availability and ability to commit to the set timeframe

Submission of Proposal

Candidates should provide:

1. A proposal (in English or Spanish) of no more than 5 pages outlining the methodology that will be used (the proposal should include the outline that will be used for the report and a template or example of the landscape mapping/summary table).
2. Evidence of similar assignments undertaken
3. CV or resume
4. Proposed timeline for carrying out the tasks and submission of deliverables
5. Budget/cost proposal and proposed contract type
6. References
7. Biodata sheet

All application materials should be submitted electronically to by 9 am EST on Monday, July 29, 2019.

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