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Fine and Flavor Cocoa Fermentation Expert for Latin America

Location:Guatemala, Peru, Ecuador
Employment Type:Other
Department:International Programs

Lutheran World Relief (LWR) seeks to engage the services of an expert in cocoa fermentation from among internationally recognized experts to oversee selection, fermentation, drying, and collection of cocoa samples in Guatemala, Peru and Ecuador for a cocoa flavor exercise.

1.Background and Context
On September 28, 2018, the United States Department of Agriculture´s (USDA) Foreign Agriculture Service (FAS) and TechnoServe signed a cooperative agreement to implement the Maximizing Opportunities in Coffee and Cacao in the Americas (MOCCA) Program in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Ecuador, and Peru. As is the case with other Food for Progress Programs (FFPr), MOCCA will aim to help farmers increase productivity and expand trade, and additionally will strive to help farmers expand their ability to adopt rehabilitation and renovation (R&R) best practices.
MOCCA will facilitate a resilient and growing trade of coffee and cacao from the Andean and Central American regions, sustained by profitable farmers making ongoing investments to maintain the health of their trees and performance of their farms. MOCCA´s implementing partners, will use a facilitative approach that leverages the resources of the private sector to drive incentives and behavior change throughout the market system.
MOCCA´s theory of change posits that if farmers understand the benefits of renovation and rehabilitation (R&R), possess the knowledge and skills to conduct R&R, and have access to high quality inputs and affordable financing, then they will carry out low-cost R&R practices that will increase profitability and catalyze a cycle of R&R investments that in turn will lead to a more secure and sustainable supply of coffee and cacao for U.S. and other regional and international markets. Lutheran World Relief (LWR) leads cacao value
chain development efforts in the six target countries, collaborating with market actors to implement market-based solutions that surpass the project´s targets employment in impoverished communities through improved productivity, quality and market access.
Under market access activities, MOCCA will help to expand the Cocoa Flavor Map that LWR launched in 2016. This initiative presented the flavor diversity of cocoa from 3 countries in Central America: Honduras, Nicaragua, and El Salvador to help cocoa producers better connect with buyers of fine-specialty cocoa, so they can quickly identify the sources for the cocoa flavors, profiles and characteristics they are seeking. MOCCA will contribute to replicate this work in Ecuador, Peru and Guatemala.
For more information about MOCCA, please visit:

2. Goal and Objectives
The goal of this consultancy is to identify distinct cocoa types to be sampled and ensure high quality harvest and post-harvest processing of the samples to maximize expression of flavor attributes in the collected samples, and to best represent the diversity of cocoa available in the three countries.
The objectives of the consultancy are:

  1. Identify the cocoa regions or farms to be sampled in each country, in collaboration with LWR (total of 25 samples across the three countries)
  2. Ensure harvesting, fermentation and drying of all samples to maximize their distinct flavor attributes.
  3. Work with sensorial analysts to establish appropriate format for data publication and commercial use.

3. Scope of Work

The selected consultant will be responsible for identifying in each country the different kinds of cocoa to be sampled, including defining where the samples for each type should be taken from, where and how they should be processed, and ensuring they are adequately fermented and dried to obtain the highest quality sample for each cocoa type selected. LWR staff and partners in each country will work closely with the selected consultant, but the consultant is responsible for the final quality of the samples produced.

Activities should include but are not limited to:

  1. Identify for each country how many different quality or flavor profiles exist at minimally commercial volumes and promotional opportunities. We estimate one week in each country.
  2. Of these, identify which can be adequately fermented given geographical and infrastructure related limitations. We would like a minimum of 40 total samples across the three countries.
  3. Assess current cocoa harvest and post-harvest practices to establish needed protocols for each sample.
  4. Ensure collection, fermentation, drying and shipping of all samples based on ideal process for each sample to highlight potential quality profile under ideal fermentation and drying conditions.

Should the consultancy be successful, LWR reserves the right to extend the contract to include additional activities, funds and timeframe, upon mutual agreement between LWR and provider.

4. Deliverables

  1. Proposed samples to be collected for each country.
  2. Protocols and plan for processing and collection of each sample.
  3. Minimum of 40 samples collected.
  4. Trip Reports for each trip detailing activities carried out.
  5. Final report including suggestions for how to map the data from the samples and detailed information on how all samples were processed and collected, and where, such that they can be replicated.
All deliverables will be submitted to LWR for review and feedback and will only be considered final upon approval by LWR.
Qualifications:5. Qualifications
LWR expects to hire an expert who brings together the following qualifications:
  • Advanced training and experience in cocoa fermentation including development of protocols for cocoa processing for prize winning cocoa samples;
  • Internationally recognized as an expert in cocoa fermentation;
  • Experience in cocoa in Latin America, particularly with farmers organizations andpost-harvest processing;
  • English and Spanish language skills desired (if you do not speak Spanish, pleaseindicate how you propose to handle communication with farmers organizationsand during field work);
6.Responsibilities of LWR and Provider
Responsibilities of LWR:
  • Ensure the participation of partner organizations in proposed activities;
  • Serve as a contact with local stakeholders;
  • Accompany field visits and activities in countries:
  • Review and approve all deliverables:
  • Make payments according to agreed-upon financial proposal.
Responsibilities of the consultant(s):
  • Implement the proposed activities;
  • Coordinate all activities with LWR and local partners and other stakeholders asneeded;
  • Create all deliverables as outlined in this document;
  • Include in work plan all requirements for support from LWR that are not specifiedin this section for LWR to plan for them.
7.Proposal Submission
Offers submitted by potential providers should be in English or Spanish and include the following:
  1. CV - The CV should clearly show how the candidate meets the qualificationsindicated above. Feel free to attach a one-page capacity statement if needed as acomplement to the CV.
  2. Proposed work plan - In no more than four pages please outline a work plan forcarrying out the requested services including main activities and proposed dates andduration. Once selected, we will work together to further develop the work plan.
  3. Financial proposal - Please indicate the cost of the services offered (honorariums).Please also indicate any additional costs you anticipate in carrying out the servicesincluding travel, supplies, translation, etc. It is not necessary to cost these out if youdo not know the unit costs. Simply indicate the costs needed i.e. two trips of fivedays each to Honduras or interpreter for ten days. If selected, LWR will work withyou to cost out local expenses.
Submission dates

December 6th, 2019 Proposal Submission - Proposals must be emailed to Proposals received after that deadline may be considered non-responsive and ineligible. Proposals must be submitted in English or Spanish.

Please send Letter of Intent, and proposals to: Carolina Aguilar Cocoa Director, MOCCA

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